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Ann L Hintermeier Audiologist
State Of New York Comptrollers Office Clinic/center
State Of New York Comptrollers Office Clinic/center
Deborah B Wallmeyer Dietitian, Registered
Paul Guglielmo Dietitian, Registered
Katherine L. Davis Licensed Practical Nurse
Paul Koerner Occupational Therapist
Faith L Foser Occupational Therapist
Judith Arlene Hendrickson Occupational Therapist
Lisa Sue Whipple Occupational Therapist
Tamara Sue Letina Occupational Therapist
Mathew Siracuse Occupational Therapist
Marissa Elizabeth Ginley Occupational Therapist
Audrey M Cline Occupational Therapy Assistant
Robin D Odrobina Occupational Therapy Assistant
Nicole Marie Marcoux Occupational Therapy Assistant
Rose Maria Kruszka Occupational Therapy Assistant
Rochelle Ann Jackson Physical Therapist
Amy Lynn Carroll Physical Therapist
Jeffrey Michael Ventre Physical Therapist
Helen Taylor Jones Physical Therapist
Shannon Marie Kasperek Physical Therapist
Jennifer Dianne Livi Physical Therapy Assistant
Thomas Paul Delaney Psychologist
Alison Fronczak Registered Nurse
Sandra K Moshier Registered Nurse
Frances A Gabel Registered Nurse
Shana Anne North Registered Nurse
Kristina Marie Capozzi Registered Nurse
Lynette Lea Carr Registered Nurse
Terri J Cartalano Registered Nurse
Sheila Marie Fiebelkorn Registered Nurse
Charles A. Berns Registered Nurse
Kathleen J Guziec Registered Nurse
Melissa A Hedstrand Registered Nurse
Doreen Gail Dickinson Registered Nurse
Judith Ann Nocek-genung Registered Nurse
Margaret Ann Gunsolus Registered Nurse
Kristy Lynn Kohler Registered Nurse
Kimberly Ann Harris Registered Nurse
Catherine Mary Engel Registered Nurse
Charity Ranee Pawlak Registered Nurse
Lorraine M Woyton Registered Nurse
Katherine Mae Kadien Registered Nurse
Patricia Beth Petersen Registered Nurse
Rosemarie Dorn Social Worker
Benjamin Marcus Pueschner Social Worker
Lisa A Weisedel Speech Language Pathologist
Marianne Marie Swartz Speech Language Pathologist
Debra L Skinner Speech Language Pathologist
Terri Lee Rosier Speech Language Pathologist
Lori Ann Willeford Speech Language Pathologist
Leanne M Sobilo Speech Language Pathologist